Simple tips to keep your home clean and tidy


I’ve never met a single person that wasn’t complaining about their home being a mess and not having time to do the cleaning. It’s like out of all our priorities in a day, we leave this in the last place. However, it’s a total nightmare when you have unexpected guests and your house looks like someone’s been skipping out the cleaning for weeks or even months.

Don’t feel discouraged because there are ways to cope with this problem. All you need is a little organizing and for you to adopt a small set of rules and habits. In no time, you’ll get used to having your house spotlessly clean.

The first major step is to start making your bed every day. Most people underestimate the power of starting your day by doing this but the fact is that when your room looks neater you instantly feel in a better mental state. According to numerous studies, bed makers are happier and more pleased with their life, in general. Plus, they rest better and get a good night sleep. Therefore, make your bed each morning and you’ll see fast improvements in your personal and professional life.

You’ve probably been through this and you already know how frustrating it is to see tons of clothes and shoes left around your house. Nothing makes a house look messy than clothes that are not put in the closet. So make sure you get your coat and your gym equipment and sneakers and put them where they belong. Plus, try to make a 2-day rule. After 2 days inspect your house and see if you have items hung on chairs or sofas and so on. Grab them, check whether they need to go the laundry. Otherwise, store them appropriately. Once you make this a rule you can even start by doing the check-up daily.

Let’s move on to laundry. Even if you don’t like it, you need to do the laundry every single day. It’s probably your last activity on your fun list but the reality is that, if you ignore the laundry for an entire week, you’ll spend half of your weekend getting it done. On the other hand, if you invest in a good washing machine, such as Electrolux Ergorapido, that allows you to choose between several programs, according to the type of fabric and time.

Do you know how frustrating is to look for a measuring cup and spend half an hour taking each kitchen drawer for a general inspection? It’s a hassle but you can get rid of it if you always put things back where they belong after using them. Being disorganized is a total waste of precious time and money. Not to mention the stress that you go through searching for something. If you stick by this rule, your life will get a whole lot easier.


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