My favorite Sardinian recipes


Sardinia is one of the blessed islands of the Mediterranean, with a rich culture and a diverse background. Because of its positioning, it has gathered many foreign influences over the centuries. Thus, the obvious Italian roots are mixed with unique ingredients from foreign cultures such as French and Tunisian.

Its cuisine is also fascinating because it mixes European influences with the wonderful flavors of the Mediterranean and just a tint of spice from the Middle East. And, because of its local wealth and abundance of natural ingredients, it comes as no surprise that the Sardinian cuisine has become worldwide famous.

If you too are passionate about the Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean influences, I suggest you go through these delicious recipes and experience some of the wonderful flavors Sardinia has to offer you.



Cagliu and Pecorino Sardo represent some of the island’s most famous types of cheese, each coming with unique flavors that become even more delicious when paired with fresh fruits such as grapes, apples, and pears, or mixed with traditional Mediterranean herbs like coriander, oregano, parsley, and others.

Cagliu is one of the oldest types of cheese originated from Sardinia created from a kid with rumen full of milk. It may sound strange at the beginning, but once you taste it you will forever be grateful for this true Sardinian guilty pleasure.

On the other hand, Pecorino Sardo is one of the most famous Sardinian types of cheese and it is made of pasteurized Sardinian sheep milk with a technique old for at least three centuries. Although it is served in many variations, the European legislation agrees that the cheese can only be called Pecorino Sardo if it is made of Sardinian sheep milk.

Casu Marzu is also a typical Sardinian and Corsican cheese that is only intended for the braves as it is also called the cheese with worms. It is made of a unique combination of goat cheese and worm larvae and it can only be consumed along with the worms, at a certain cream and larvae ratio.



Seadas is a traditional Sardinian sweet that is famous across the world. It uniquely manages to combine the sweetness of pure honey with the saltiness of Pecorino cheese in a flavor dance that will certainly intrigue your taste buds.

The recipe is quite simple and basic, but the entire flavor stands in the local and natural Sardinian ingredients. So, if you want to replicate the taste, make sure you only appeal to natural and organic ingredients with intense and rich flavors.

You will only need flour, eggs, water, salt, lemon zest, honey, Pecorino cheese, and butter, but it is its simplicity that truly creates the masterpiece of this fine sweet. Seadas is an original dessert of sheepherding communities.


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