Going on my first adventure with my RV


I had been dreaming of going on my first RV trip for a while before I finally got the guts to embark on such an adventure. I know that there must be many Italians scattered across the US, and making new friends is like second nature to me. So, with that thought in mind, I decided that the best way to connect with my brethren and see how the Italian heritage still thrives on American ground, I organized my first trip.

Nothing beats a good GPS unit

No matter how much a great driver I think I am, I cannot ignore the fact that I need a GPS with me on my trips. I searched quite a while for a model to fit my requirements. I tried this website: bestrvgps.com and I found there some great recommendations that got me started.

Knowing your way around is paramount if you don’t want to get lost and then wait for someone to pass by so you can ask for directions. If you happen to be in an area that is less traveled, you can wait for a long time for that to happen. I will add nothing more here; just get yourself a good GPS unit before you go RV-ing. It will save you a world of trouble.



Cooking supplies

My purpose of the trip, from the first time I got behind the wheel of my RV, was to visit Italian restaurants across the US. However, this didn’t mean that I would suddenly forget how to cook. That is why I have an RV; I can cook while on the road, and I won’t have to depend on junk food, in case there’s not a single Italian restaurant within a 50-mile radius.

So, if there is one piece of advice I would like to give you is to always pack cooking supplies with you. A portable refrigerator is a must, too, since not all ingredients are dry and can be kept fresh without proper means. Also, go grocery shopping while on the road. It will help you keep healthy and well fed at all times.

Never forget to book your campsite in advance

Now that was something that got me in a bit of a tizzy. I hadn’t realized at that time how important is to book your accommodations in advance. I had always associated RV-ing with having total freedom, but, since there are so many people who go camping, especially in summer, you will discover that these places can be crowded.

That was a lesson I learned, and I want to pass it on. I hope you will make your first trip with your RV as memorable as I made mine. Just don’t forget to pack a lot of supplies and to book campgrounds in advance.




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