5 things you might not know about Sardinia


Sardinia is a wonderful holiday destination known mostly for its amazing beaches and gorgeous landscapes. However, the majority of people and even some Italians have no clue about the uniqueness of this beautiful gem. So, I’ve decided to give you some precious information about this island that you can use if you need to plan a future adventure.

  1. It definitely looks like a desert island.

Most people I know that have traveled to Sardinia confessed to me that from the plane, they had the impression they were visiting a desert island. The thing is that Sardinia has small villages that can be located far from each other. Plus, there’s ton of countryside to admire in between. This place has one of the lowest population density in Italy, with a little over 1,600,000 inhabitants and an area of less than 24,000 square kilometers.


  1. Mirto, a divine liquor

In terms of gastronomy, you can’t go to Sardinia and not taste the mouth-watering liqueur called Mirto or myrtle, in English. Basically, the myrtle is a shrub, found in the Mediterranean areas under the name of Macchia. One unique aspect is that this Mirto liqueur is made from berries so it’s pretty strong due to the 32% alcohol content. You can only drink this special beverage in Sardinia and you can order it in every restaurant, usually, after dessert.

However, make sure to try the red Mirto which derives from berries and not the white one, made of its leaves. Locals are fond of the red one because it’s more tasteful.


  1. Language

It’s a common mistake to presume that Sardinians speak only Italian. Even though you are still in Italy, you’ll notice a certain dialect, more similar to Spanish, in fact. This local idiom declared an official minority language by the EU and listed in the UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger, Sardinian is a language of its own. Moreover, the dialect can change from village to village. Talk about this cool fact!

  1.  The last species of European wild horses live in Sardinia

If you’re a genuine animal lover, you’ll want to see the ‘Giara di Gesturi’ which is a lovely plateau located in the center of Sardinia where wild horse live. The most notable feature is that these horses are smaller than you’d normally expect and they are not ponies. They are small just like horses used to be more than 10,000 years ago. You should be aware that they are protected by law and you can’t give them any food nor interrupt them from their daily routine.


  1. Longevity

Apparently, Sardinia is among those ‘blue zones’ around the Globe where life expectancy is the highest. Then only explanation has to do with the good diet, drinking plenty of goat milk, enjoying one or two glasses of red wine per day, and a nice long walk to get a good night sleep.


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